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UFO fans galvanised (Sunday Observer, Colombo, Sri Lanka, on June 16, 2002, by Umangi de Mel)

Could the strange blue ball of light, speeding at just 2 feet above the ground near the ancient, sacred cliff of Dimbulagala, have been an alien space probe seeking the mysteries of our ancients? 

Sanjaya Bandara, a UFO expert claims that the "strange blue light" that has been sighted in Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura during the past few weeks, could be a probe craft of an extra terrestrial space ship. 

The particular "blue light" was sighted for the first time in the seed farm in Polonnaruwa on May 13, around 11.30 pm. It has also later appeared in the Anuradhapura district. "It took me three days to get this thing on video tape and when I finally did, it was around Dimbulagala, the same stretch where it was first seen," says Gamini Obeysekara, Polonnaruwa correspondent of Rupavahini. "It was about 3km away from me," he says. 

However, this "UFO" sighting has still not been confirmed, even though many predictions were being made. "Members of the Sri Lanka UFO Research Association will proceed to Polonnaruwa to get an on-the report on Saturday as 95% of the sightings could be fabrications," says Chandana Jayaratne, Senior lecturer in the Physics department, University of Colombo. "We do not doubt UFOs but we can not be sure until we check for ourselves. We should be able to confirm it by Tuesday," he says. 

Meanwhile, Nalaka Gunawardena, Executive Officer to Sci-fi guru Sir Arthur C. Clarke, says that there is no link between the UFO sightings all over the world and the potential for life in other galaxies. "A majority of scientists believe that there is life on other habitable planets but there is not enough evidence to make most of the previous sightings plausible." 

According to Gunawardena, the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) USA, 90% of the previous sightings have been merely man-made phenomena. They have proved that it has always been an image of a natural object, created due to certain weather conditions. 

"However, Sri Lanka Air Force and the Air Traffic controllers have the capacity to track each and every object that crosses into our air space, and so far, nothing of that nature has been reported," he says. 

But the man who saw the light disagrees. "So many people, unknown to each other have seen the light and have come up with the same account," says Sanjaya. "The light seems to go towards sacred areas". He predicts that the Extra Terrestrials could either be on the lookout for technology that was used to construct sacred buildings or may be an attempt to locate the "Vishva Yathura" (Key to the Universe)! 

The UFO analysts believe that this light that moves two feet off the ground could be an alien probe. "They could be doing a research," he says. "Extra Terrestrials may be seeking the 'Key' to the 'Star Gate' and thereby activate a system of travel that transcends conventional space travel to reach another galaxy." 

He points out that there have been a number of such sightings in Egypt where historical structures exist. "It is possible for them to be interested in ancient sites such as Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa." 

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